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What Tablet? iPad 2 or Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1?

Earlier today I was sent an email asking for some advice from a colleague looking to buy a tablet. Their concerns were mainly built around a lack of Flash support, so in my most neutral mindset possible, I tried to give just reasons for both of these devices. I thought you may find my opinions helpful if debating this for yourself, so I’ve included my¬†response¬†below:

Hi Ian,

I do know a fair bit about both, I’m personally an Apple fan, so my views may be a little biased. But I’d go Apple every time, purely because it allows me to sync all my mobile and desktop devices. However, if that’s not something you’re too worried about, then the Samsung is certainly up for debate. There’s not really much to talk about tech-wise, they’re both highly-competitive inside.

For me this would land down to the operating system. I’ve used both, but as an Apple fanboy I know iOS inside-out, so obviously find it easier to use. My experience with the Galaxy was a little underwhelming, as I found the Android OS to be a bit clunky and unintuitive, however if you’ve got the phone and enjoy the OS on that, then again it’s up for debate.

The last thing to consider, for me anyway, is the amount of applications available on each one. If you’re the kind of person that’s likely to want to download many App’s for different purposes, then you’ve got to go Apple, the Android market just isn’t big enough to nearly compete. Although, if you’re just going to use it for web browsing and checking email, then again it’s about even.

On the topic of Flash, yes, if you buy an iPad, then you won’t be able to load flash (there are some work around with different App’s, but it’s best to consider it unavailable when purchasing). I haven’t come across many circumstances when this has become an issue. Any ‘big’ sites that utilise Flash normally will 99% of the time deployed an iPad specific site, and those that don’t are few and far in-between. The only time I can remember genuinely experiencing a problem where I couldn’t get the information I needed was when trying to access the menu of a local pub/restaurant. So not bad really, if I can only recall one incident.

So I suppose if you like the Android OS, and aren’t a great App user then I’d take it down to price. According to a few websites the iPad is slightly better built, but I imagine that’s reflected in the price.

If you’ve got any more question feel free to throw them my way.



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