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NERDgasm; Higgs Boson Discovered

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We’ve all heard about CERN; the super-computer madmen who’ve been building their very own doomsday machine beneath the beautiful mountains of Switzerland. This device is named the Large Hadron Collider, and has had science buffs and non-nerds alike chattering for … Read the full article here.

MAKEITSTOP; robot child chosen to carry Olympic flag


I told you, didn’t I? The worst has happened – it was only a matter of time before robots started to take part in sporting events. What next? – Cookery? The care sector? Complete autonomy? Now you see why I’m … Read the full article here.

FINALLY; Tatooine-esque planet found orbiting two suns


While we’re likely decades away from discovering small, orange-eyed fellas in brown robes, scientists recently revealed that they’d stumbled upon a lifeless desert-planet (not to be confused with a dessert-planet, which is made of delicious Instant Whip) orbiting two suns, … Read the full article here.

“Hey, sexy” – Harley Quinn’s motion-capture footage


Ever wondered who the super-sex-goddess behind Arkham Asylum‘s Harley Quinn could be? Well, wonder no more. With Batman: Arkham City just around the corner (it’s released this month, in fact) the nice people at IGN Entertainment have released footage of … Read the full article here.

Unlimited detail graphics provide unfeasible quality


Game developers and visual effects specialists work their darndest daily to bring us the best in visual entertainment, and they’ve come up with some pretty nifty stuff to date, but now a competitor has appeared, in the form of an … Read the full article here.

Hold on Tight! – Man builds 25-seater motorcycle


Whilst we all head out to panic buy our petrol just in case all the fuel in the world suddenly disappears, Plumber Colin Furze has been doing his bit for Mother Nature by taking the idea of car-pool to the … Read the full article here.

IT BEGINS – robot that learns, thinks and acts of its own accord


We all knew the day would come when robots took over the world. Well, this blogger thinks that day might be sooner than we all had hoped and, after watching this video, you probably will too. Scientists (read maniacs bent … Read the full article here.

Iron Man Suit nears completion, nerds everywhere rejoice


It seems like the stuff of comic books and action films, but CYBERDYNE Inc. (who’s name sounds like something out of a movie, as well *cough*SKYNET*cough*) have almost perfected a ground-breaking cyborg-suit, which can be used to amplify human strength, … Read the full article here.

Robotic Reflexes; what just happened?!


Ishikawa’s Komura Labs (they’re Japanese, of course) have spent the last few years working on building just one thing; hands. We all remember the scene from ‘Empire just after Vader’s done a number on Luke’s ‘me time’ hand, in which … Read the full article here.

Japan invents synthetic mouth, gives rest of world the willies


Japan, Japan, Japan. Now, we know you’re a little bit whacky when it comes to inventing things, and you guys truly are amazing at making stuff that seems like it might be useless, but will probably be found in almost … Read the full article here.