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Warhammer 40k: Space Marine reviewed


Since its conception in the mid-1980s, the Warhammer 40,000 universe has continued to expand, becoming one of the most popular miniature-based tabletop games in history. Its video-gaming franchise, beginning in the mid-1990s with titles such as Dark Omen has become … Read the full article here.

Team Fortress 2 IRL is AMAZING


Being in a world filled with gamers who go crazy at the slightest mention of one of many popular online shooters (you know the ones we’re talking about), there have been plenty of ‘IRL’ versions (that’s ‘In Real Life’ for … Read the full article here.

Borderlands 2 announced


It’s official. The sequel to the 2009 first person shooter/role playing game/loot-a-thon has been revealed to be making appearances at the Gamescom and PAX Prime conventions later this year. The announcement, located in full here contains the following statement from … Read the full article here.

Brink: Agents of Change reviewed


Never before has so much frustration been expressed for one measly downloadable expansion pack until, that is, Brink’s Agents of Change. Set back three times, we finally managed to get our hands on the goods on the 3rd of August … Read the full article here.

Halo Anniversary video showcases features new and old


Halo creators Bungie have left the franchise, but all is not lost, as they now leave it in the hands of 343 Industries, the developers of this upcoming return to the 2001 first installment. Halo: Combat Evolved was a landmark … Read the full article here.

Brink: Agents of Change excitement


As you’ve all probably realised, we here at Improv are quite keen on our online shooters. This blogger never really jumped onto the Call of Duty of Battlefront bandwagons, but one game revolutionised the genre and combined some of everyone’s … Read the full article here.

Brink DLC release announced


Brink has to be one of the most talked-about games in recent years, if only for controversy regarding its final release date. We were told, time and time again, that it would finally be out ‘soon’, but that day never … Read the full article here.

Duke Nukem Forever


Let us consider, for a moment, some of the key happenings throughout history that have taken over a decade to complete; the construction of the Pyramids at Giza, both World Wars combined and, oh yes, lets not forget, the creation … Read the full article here.



Multiplayer fanatics may remember Splash Damage for their work on the popular shooter series Team Fortress, which pitted players against one another in class-based, strategic combat. Brink, the most recent release from these online-daddies is very similar in its execution; … Read the full article here.