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Transformers goes massively-multiplayer


After ‘War for Cybertron more-or-less went down the cyber-pan following some immense hype, it seemed all hope was lost for any future multiplayer Transformers games; thankfully, this isn’t the case. The Transformers saga is taking it a step further and … Read the full article here.

Brink: Agents of Change reviewed


Never before has so much frustration been expressed for one measly downloadable expansion pack until, that is, Brink’s Agents of Change. Set back three times, we finally managed to get our hands on the goods on the 3rd of August … Read the full article here.

Age of Empires Online gameplay trailer


We all remember rushing home from school to fire up the clunky ol’, steam-powered PC that was a first in the family home with the sole intention of playing Age of Empires and the Rise of Rome. I was pretty … Read the full article here.

Torchlight II gameplay commentary


Torchlight, the action-RPG originally released as an online-only download for PC, eventually made its way onto consoles last year. Though it was intended to be a mouse-controlled adventure, it ported surprisingly well onto the Xbox360 and Playstation 3, and proved … Read the full article here.

Brink DLC release announced


Brink has to be one of the most talked-about games in recent years, if only for controversy regarding its final release date. We were told, time and time again, that it would finally be out ‘soon’, but that day never … Read the full article here.

Preview – Guild Wars 2


The world of Massively Multiplayer gaming is one that has blossomed over the past couple of years (helped, in no small part, by one Blizzard entertainment) but the stigma associated with it still remains. You’ve all heard those ‘normal’ people … Read the full article here.

Duke Nukem Forever


Let us consider, for a moment, some of the key happenings throughout history that have taken over a decade to complete; the construction of the Pyramids at Giza, both World Wars combined and, oh yes, lets not forget, the creation … Read the full article here.



Multiplayer fanatics may remember Splash Damage for their work on the popular shooter series Team Fortress, which pitted players against one another in class-based, strategic combat. Brink, the most recent release from these online-daddies is very similar in its execution; … Read the full article here.