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IT BEGINS – robot that learns, thinks and acts of its own accord


We all knew the day would come when robots took over the world. Well, this blogger thinks that day might be sooner than we all had hoped and, after watching this video, you probably will too. Scientists (read maniacs bent … Read the full article here.

Studio Ghibli’s ‘Arrietty’ reviewed


The life of a Borrower is not an easy one; if you’re not spending your days establishing your small-scale homestead beneath some unsuspecting human’s floorboards, you’re stealing (sorry, borrowing) resources for survival from said human’s house, or avoiding seemingly unassuming … Read the full article here.

Japan invents synthetic mouth, gives rest of world the willies


Japan, Japan, Japan. Now, we know you’re a little bit whacky when it comes to inventing things, and you guys truly are amazing at making stuff that seems like it might be useless, but will probably be found in almost … Read the full article here.