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RIP Steve Jobs; A Visionary, A Fighter, and a Remarkable Individual

CC Apple Macworld

If you’ve been anywhere near a computer, laptop, iPhone, iPad, iPod, TV, magazine stand, coffee shop, newsagents, in fact anywhere in civilisation today, you’ll have heard the tragic news that the co-founder of Apple, Steve Jobs, has died at the … Read the full article here.

Let’s Talk iPhone: The iPhone 4S Release


We’re super-excited about the release of the next iPhone, that’s mainly because we’re all SUPERGEEKS at heart. And we have no shame about it. I’m currently glued to the Engadget Apple’s ‘Let’s Talk iPhone’ keynote liveblog!¬†waiting for Tim Cook (Apple’s … Read the full article here.

Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty app. review


With more and more people picking up Smartphones like the iPhone4 and Blackberry, many video game companies are spreading their wings and producing movie tie-in games for small-screen gamers. The latest of these is Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty, developed … Read the full article here.