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Brink: Agents of Change excitement


As you’ve all probably realised, we here at Improv are quite keen on our online shooters. This blogger never really jumped onto the Call of Duty of Battlefront bandwagons, but one game revolutionised the genre and combined some of everyone’s … Read the full article here.

Dragon Age II: Legacy expansion soon


The Dragon Age saga is one that has become one of the most sought-after RPG series’ in gaming history. ‘Origins, the first in the series, was a modern, Baldur’s Gate-esque adventure and wooed fantasy fans across the globe with its … Read the full article here.

Brink DLC release announced


Brink has to be one of the most talked-about games in recent years, if only for controversy regarding its final release date. We were told, time and time again, that it would finally be out ‘soon’, but that day never … Read the full article here.