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“Hey, sexy” – Harley Quinn’s motion-capture footage


Ever wondered who the super-sex-goddess behind Arkham Asylum‘s Harley Quinn could be? Well, wonder no more. With Batman: Arkham City just around the corner (it’s released this month, in fact) the nice people at IGN Entertainment have released footage of … Read the full article here.

Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty app. review


With more and more people picking up Smartphones like the iPhone4 and Blackberry, many video game companies are spreading their wings and producing movie tie-in games for small-screen gamers. The latest of these is Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty, developed … Read the full article here.

Batman Arkham City; Penguin & Talia al’Ghul Announced


Batman: Arkham Asylum is arguably one of third-generation gaming’s better action-adventure titles, combining a simple, three-button combat system, an engaging storyline, and fantastic voice-acting from the cast of the original Batman Animated Series of the 1990′s to create a fantastically-told … Read the full article here.

Captain America: Super Soldier, actually looks rather good


It’s a well-known fact that games made from movies are, more often than not, awful. Whether it’s down to time constraints, or the fact that developers may have bigger projects in the works, meaning tie-ins take a back seat, we … Read the full article here.

The Avengers teaser; leaves much to the imagination


With Captain America: The First Avenger and Thor being the most recent releases in the crazed swarm of Marvel adaptations, and The Amazing Spiderman hot on their tails, Marvel Entertainment have gone ahead and released a teaser for the movie … Read the full article here.

Amazing Spider Man Trailer (Warning: may contain awesome)


Yes, folks, this is it, the trailer we were all waiting for; so excited are we, that I find myself shaking in my euphoria, barely able to type. Okay, so that may be a slight exagerration, but having been an … Read the full article here.

Amazing Spider Man trailer; next week


Let’s face it; the third film in the famed Spiderman trilogy of the mid-noughties was… Abysmal (and that’s putting it lightly). The fact that it skimmed over the story of Eddie Brock and Venom, one of the biggest villains in … Read the full article here.