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Team Fortress 2 IRL is AMAZING


Being in a world filled with gamers who go crazy at the slightest mention of one of many popular online shooters (you know the ones we’re talking about), there have been plenty of ‘IRL’ versions (that’s ‘In Real Life’ for … Read the full article here.

Iron Man Suit nears completion, nerds everywhere rejoice


It seems like the stuff of comic books and action films, but CYBERDYNE Inc. (who’s name sounds like something out of a movie, as well *cough*SKYNET*cough*) have almost perfected a ground-breaking cyborg-suit, which can be used to amplify human strength, … Read the full article here.

Robotic Reflexes; what just happened?!


Ishikawa’s Komura Labs (they’re Japanese, of course) have spent the last few years working on building just one thing; hands. We all remember the scene from ‘Empire just after Vader’s done a number on Luke’s ‘me time’ hand, in which … Read the full article here.