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Fable III reviewed


With Lionhead now hard at work on a new title in Fable’s epic saga, we thought we’d step back a few months in time and review Fable III; a tale of revolution, love, and steampunk. We’ll have the full preview … Read the full article here.

Beyond Good & Evil 2 teaser has been around for ages, frustrates fans


The original Beyond Good & Evil, available for PS2 and Xbox, was a fantastic noir adventure, set in the fairly-distant future (the 2400s, to be precise), involving anthropomorphic pigs, some amazing visuals, a comic book-esque art style, and a strangely-attractive … Read the full article here.

Tomb Raider; 1st gameplay demo


We previewed Lara’s upcoming adventure earlier this year, and were particularly excited to see this gameplay demo appear on the t’interwebs. Yes, it was shown at E3, which was a while ago, but our excuse is that it’s so amazing … Read the full article here.

Lord of the Rings: War in the North combat trailer


The Lord of the Rings saga is one that has been adapted to video game so many times, this blogger has begun to lose count! With games spanning the genres, including strategy, role-playing, action-adventure, hack-n’-slash and many more, it has … Read the full article here.

Team ICO Collection provides 2 fantastic games in one


ICO and Shadow of the Colossus were arguably two of the most fantastic games ever released for the Playstation 2, and they’re coming back. Set to be released in the next few months, the Team ICO Collection will allow us … Read the full article here.

Assassin’s Creed animated short in the works


As if the Assassin’s Creed games weren’t enough to keep us entertained, with their fluid free-running, game environments big enough to make your eyes water, slick graphic style, flawless storytelling and trippy endings, the gentlemen and ladies behind the franchise … Read the full article here.

Assassin’s Creed Revelations gameplay


The Assassin’s Creed saga is one that has been around since the advent of third-generation gaming. We all remember seeing the cinematic opening for AC1, showing one Mr. Altair moving swiftly about a modest marketplace scene, taking down his enemies … Read the full article here.

Preview – Tomb Raider


Ah, Lara Croft, for many, you were a first girlfriend, for others, you are a wife, and for a very large percentage of the world’s male population, you remain one of hottest video game sex symbols to date. What’s that, … Read the full article here.



Multiplayer fanatics may remember Splash Damage for their work on the popular shooter series Team Fortress, which pitted players against one another in class-based, strategic combat. Brink, the most recent release from these online-daddies is very similar in its execution; … Read the full article here.