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Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood reviewed


Since everyone (this blogger included. Hell, he’s leading the rabid assassin-fangeeks, okay?!) has been foaming at the mouth getting all worked up about the release of the third instalment in the AC saga, Revelations, later this year, we thought we’d … Read the full article here.

Borderlands 2 announced


It’s official. The sequel to the 2009 first person shooter/role playing game/loot-a-thon has been revealed to be making appearances at the Gamescom and PAX Prime conventions later this year. The announcement, located in full here contains the following statement from … Read the full article here.

Dark Knight Rises – Catwoman images released, includes motorcycle


We here at Improv. are feverish with excitement at the upcoming Batman moviefilm release, helped in no small part by the fact that it was being filmed right around the corner from our office (yeah, you heard me; we’re important … Read the full article here.

Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty app. review


With more and more people picking up Smartphones like the iPhone4 and Blackberry, many video game companies are spreading their wings and producing movie tie-in games for small-screen gamers. The latest of these is Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty, developed … Read the full article here.

Age of Empires Online gameplay trailer


We all remember rushing home from school to fire up the clunky ol’, steam-powered PC that was a first in the family home with the sole intention of playing Age of Empires and the Rise of Rome. I was pretty … Read the full article here.

Total Recall – looks better than the original


Anyone who’s read or is a fan of Philip K. Dick will know that his work is, for want of a better word; freakin’ trippy. His 1966 novel, We Can Remember it for You Wholesale, which deals with issues such … Read the full article here.

Batman Arkham City; Penguin & Talia al’Ghul Announced


Batman: Arkham Asylum is arguably one of third-generation gaming’s better action-adventure titles, combining a simple, three-button combat system, an engaging storyline, and fantastic voice-acting from the cast of the original Batman Animated Series of the 1990′s to create a fantastically-told … Read the full article here.

Captain America: Super Soldier, actually looks rather good


It’s a well-known fact that games made from movies are, more often than not, awful. Whether it’s down to time constraints, or the fact that developers may have bigger projects in the works, meaning tie-ins take a back seat, we … Read the full article here.

Assassin’s Creed animated short in the works


As if the Assassin’s Creed games weren’t enough to keep us entertained, with their fluid free-running, game environments big enough to make your eyes water, slick graphic style, flawless storytelling and trippy endings, the gentlemen and ladies behind the franchise … Read the full article here.

Halo Anniversary video showcases features new and old


Halo creators Bungie have left the franchise, but all is not lost, as they now leave it in the hands of 343 Industries, the developers of this upcoming return to the 2001 first installment. Halo: Combat Evolved was a landmark … Read the full article here.

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