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Let’s Talk iPhone: The iPhone 4S Release

We’re super-excited about the release of the next iPhone, that’s mainly because we’re all SUPERGEEKS at heart. And we have no shame about it.

I’m currently glued to the Engadget Apple’s ‘Let’s Talk iPhone’ keynote liveblog! waiting for Tim Cook (Apple’s new CEO) to reveal what they’ve been working for the last 18 months.

Now, we’re watching the ‘liveblog’, because we weren’t invited. Rude, huh? But that doesn’t stop us wanting to know exactly what’s going down.

So far the guys at Apple have rifted through the ‘Apple is Great’ stuff providing statistics on how they’ve Murdered Micrsoft, Annihilated Android, Suckerpunched Sony and completely Trumped and other tablet makers, so far.

Now they’re showing an App called ‘Cards’, I’m unsure as of yet if this is an Apple product, or something of third-party fame, but either way Moonpig could be on it’s way out.

To iOS5, this is one thing I’m really looking forward to, having had the luxury to sample it’s delights on the phone of a developer friend (while waiting at the first screening of the final Harry Potter film as it goes). I’m particularly interested in the new messaging system, the to-do stuff and the serious Twitter integration. You can expect some extra fancy bits besides these.

Now they’re just rambling about silly camera enhancements and that god-awful Game Centre application. Hurry up and gives meh iPhone 5!

O! Tabbed browsing in Safari, it’s about time, I’ll be honest.

Wireless sync updates. We knew it was coming, still pretty cool though. Perfect for those of us (me included) who simply think cables require too much effort.

iOS5 will be released on October 12th. That’s a week tomorrow! Download fingers at the ready everyone!

Redownloadable content from iTunes, now that’s, well overdue. But thanks for including it!

iCloud will self back-up everyday! Now, that, is, awesome.

New App called Find My Friends, yes, I’ll be stalking you. All of you.

iTunes Match – $24.99/year. It does, err, something?

*Engadget Site Has Crashed – Too Many Geeks In One Place*

Good News; the website is back. Bad News; now they want to talk about iPods. They were so 2001.

They’ve told us about the iPod Nano (the one they released months ago). – Although they’ve now been dropped in price, from $20 – $30 reduction.

Now for the iPod touch…

With iOS5 you can effectively ‘text’ other people on iOS devices from your sim-free iPod touch. Semi-Swag.

And there’s a white iPod Touch coming. For those of you who don’t posses enough Swag of your own. – They’ve also had a price drop!

Next, iPhone…

*a drum roll please*

An iPhone 4S – it’s ‘all new’ apparently, and has the superfast A5 chip. Some serious dual-core graphics and allegedly seven times faster than before. We’ll see…

Still raving about the graphics…

World Phone; sounds good – could you tell us what it is please?

8mp Camera. Scandalous. With Infra-Red filter, not sure how needed that was.

Some time later and they’re still talking about the camera. Sounds good, but not this good…

1080p HD Video Recording. Swell, but now I’ll have even less room for stuff.

Seriously high-end voice recognition. Hi Kip.

It’s official, hand-less people can now use the iPhone with ease.

Well, that’s it. No iPhone 5. A bit disappointing, to say the least.

If it looks like anything else interesting will come up, we’ll be sure to update. But for now, happy tech-ing.


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