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Who are we, exactly?

The lads and lasses of Improv. Magazine are a bunch of twenty-somethings based in Nottingham, England. They are all massively self-proclaimed nerds in their respective fields, and think that writing about them and posting things on the internet makes them better people. That and they have nothing else better to do.

On most days, they will be found on the lawn, watching idly as the fawns frolic in the woodland over yonder. One day they might get a job, but until then they will continue to write things, wallow, and insist upon themselves. Have a browse of the links above to see our musings; they’re not unbearable, honest.

Because we’re all based in Nottingham, we will have a tendency to post a lot of things that are pertinent to the city and its surrounding burroughs, and we will get excited and giddy when exciting or giddiness-inducing things happen nearby. Despite this, nerdiness spreads worldwide, and the odd video game review and large numbers of teaser trailers and previews are our way of proving that we can talk about things outside of our comfort zone.

Gadgetry and gizmos abound! And a few tutorials too
Massive nerds, this is where you belong; films and games aplenty
Bourbon on the rocks, sir? Restaurant and theatre reviews

Meet the Team

Tom Edson – Social media-buff and internet juggernaut
Sam Horton – Filmophile and anime ninja
Joe Newham – Shotgun-fanatic and hillbilly-chaser
Rachel Smith – Actress, rock n’ roll dominatrix

If you’ve got any questions for our writers or are interested in becoming a writer for Improv. Magazine yourself, please drop us a message at Attach a piece of your work, if you like, and we might even publish it.

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