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FINALLY; Tatooine-esque planet found orbiting two suns

Apparently not such a ridiculous idea, after all

While we’re likely decades away from discovering small, orange-eyed fellas in brown robes, scientists recently revealed that they’d stumbled upon a lifeless desert-planet (not to be confused with a dessert-planet, which is made of delicious Instant Whip) orbiting two suns, and only 200,000 lightyears from earth!

The planet has been affectionately named ‘Tatooine’ in favour of its official name, Kepler-16b (boring, no?) as a homage to the franchise that had scientists at the Search for Extra-terrestrial Intelligence (SETI) all the more excited about their discovery.

Using NASA’s $600,000,000,000 Kepler telescope, SETI scientists spotted the obscure shadow of a planet as it passed in front of two suns; a scientific first. By studying the eclipses caused by the planet and the stars it orbits, they were able to confirm that, like the Skywalker family’s home, Kepler-16b is indeed lit by two suns.

The discovery has opened up a whole Pandora’s box of mental sciency questions about the formation of planets, gravity, and whether or not there might be a dude out there named Boba Fett. Unfortunately, it’s looking unlikely that we’ll be able to visit ‘Tatooine’ any time soon, since it’s been estimated that it would take two centuries to get there, travelling at the speed of light. Road trip, anyone?

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