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Sons of Anarchy: Season 4 – Episode 1; oot


Ladies and Gentlemen, America’s favorite modern-day outlaws are back on your screens (if you’re in the US at least). Episode One, titled ‘Out’, appropriately, aired for the first time last-night. I’ll apologise now, as I know I’m going to miss out or … Read the full article here.

Holy crap on a cracker – How to Train Your Dragon stage show


How to Train Your Dragon, the recent Nordic fantasy from CG-wizards Pixar, was a box office hit, and maintained the studio’s knack for delivering fantastical, polished films that appeal to young and old alike. Now, the whole thing is being … Read the full article here.

The Inbetweeners Movie – Trailer and Info


Before I say anything, I’m going to aplogise to Editor-in-Chief, Samuel Japanorama Horton (サムホルトノ), as he loathes the Inbetweeners, maybe it reminds him too much of his own youth? Or maybe not. Either way, if you’re lucky enough to be reading … Read the full article here.

Sons of Anarchy: Season 4 – New Trailer and Footage

Clay et Jax -1

Despite still being unsure of when us good folks in the ‘United Kingdom of Widespread Rioting’ will get to officially see Sons of Anarchy: Season 4, we haven’t been stopped from getting overly-active in the pants when new clips and … Read the full article here.

Sons of Anarchy Season 4 – Preview


Ladies and gentlemen, my favourite television show of all eternity (except maybe for 24 and Sherlock), will be back for a 4th season this September. Or at least it will for our pals across the pond in the ‘States. The trailer for … Read the full article here.

The Chekhov Sketch Show: review


Descending into a small room beneath a teashop, while the light tinkle of Korobeiniki (more commonly recognised as the Tetris theme music) plays in the background certainly isn’t the most traditional way to enter a show by Anton Chekhov, however, … Read the full article here.