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Live Review – ‘Lowering the Tone’ tour at Nottingham Rescue Rooms

Tesseract pic

There has been a great deal of drama surrounding Lowering the Tone headliners and UK progressive trendsetters TesseracT recently. Having parted ways with previous singer Daniel Tompkins, with whom they recorded their debut album ‘One’, they announced that American singer … Read the full article here.

Borderlands 2 announced


It’s official. The sequel to the 2009 first person shooter/role playing game/loot-a-thon has been revealed to be making appearances at the Gamescom and PAX Prime conventions later this year. The announcement, located in full here contains the following statement from … Read the full article here.

withyouathome: ‘… and the Moon Still Shines Quietly’ review


withyouathome’s sole member, Hayato Imanishi, is an interesting individual. Far from the raw aggression of his other project Cyclamen lies a more subdued, tranquil musical persona that has been hinted at in the more mellow moments of his main outlet. … Read the full article here.

Like prog? Like metal? Get yourself some Cyclamen!


English/Japanese prog/tech/ambient metal/rock band Cyclamen are a delight to the ears. For those that don’t mind the predominantly screamed, predominantly Japanese vocals awaits an aural treat of epic proportions, and their debut album Senjyu is free for one day only … Read the full article here.

Halo Anniversary video showcases features new and old


Halo creators Bungie have left the franchise, but all is not lost, as they now leave it in the hands of 343 Industries, the developers of this upcoming return to the 2001 first installment. Halo: Combat Evolved was a landmark … Read the full article here.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution trailer is impressive, bleak


Deus Ex: Human Revolution, the latest Action RPG from publisher Square Enix (of Final Fantasy fame), has been on our radar for a while. Set in the familiar not-too-distant future, the game’s plot focuses on human augmentation and cybernetic enhancements, … Read the full article here.